Optimal care at home is crucial for speedy recovery and early return to normal life after discharge from the hospital. Parimal Health Care team of qualified and experienced Medical Coordinators ,nurses and caretakers provide empathetic and appropriate care to your loved ones in the comfort of your home. All our nurses and caretakers undergo background verification checks and go through periodic training to help them deliver care in a safe and effective manner. Whether it is general nursing or specialised nursing care, long-term or short-term, palliative care, wound management or intravenous (IV) therapy, our nurses are capable of providing the best care at an affordable cost.

Home Nursing Care

Parimal Healthcare’s experienced nurses provide hospital like Services at home. Our Qualified nursing staff Take care of your patient with help your consultant doctors and monitors your condition and inform progress regularly. They will look after routine health assessments of the patients at their home including vitals monitoring, medicine infusion, catheter and other medical care.

Our Certified Nurse can do following works at Home :

  • IM/SC injections & IV infusions
  • BP, Temperature & other vitals monitoring
  • Urinary catheter insertion & care
  • Ryle’s tube insertion & feeding
  • Bed sore & other wound dressing & care
  • Tracheostomy suction & care
  • Nebulization
  • Managing Oxygenation
  • ECG recording
Nursing care

Care Taker at Home

Parimal Healthcare provides trained Medical Attendant or Patient Care Taker ,who can help the patients in Post Operative Period, disabled persons, chronically ill ,Neurological condition,bed ridden patients,elderly patients who may need assistance in their own homes. Our medical attendant staff has a substantial experience in imparting patient care as they undergoes comprehensive training and periodic retraining on giving medical care.

Our Certified Nurse can do following works at Home :
  • Assists in bathing, grooming & toiletry
  • Oral Medication management
  • Oral or Ryle’s tube feeding
  • Diaper & urine bag care
  • Assists in patient mobility
  • Psychological Support

ICU Setup at Home

Parimal healthcare offers a facility of bringing ICU or critical care facility at home. Our home ICU set-up are comprehensive programs designed to cater terminally ill patients, post-acute or post operative patients who needs intensive care or monitoring at home.

Who needs Home ICU set-up or Critical Care Service at Home ?

  • Terminally ill patient
  • Cancer Care
  • Respiratory care with Ventilator/other life support
  • End of life care patient
  • Accident/Trauma care
  • Chronic Kidney Disease Care

Benefits of ICU or Critical Care service at Home

  • At Parimal Healthcare, patient is taken care by a highly experienced & multidisciplinary team of Doctors, Physician, ICU Nurse and Medical Attendant.
  • 24×7 monitoring and supervision with strict guidelines and protocols while administering the critical care services
  • Patients home will be equipped with air beds, monitors, O2 concentrators, ventilators etc depending on the need of the patient PHC supports other value added services such as home laboratory tests, medicine supply, ambulance support etc. if required by our ICU patients.
  • Reduced risk of nosocomial infections & low cost of Home ICU set-up service compared to prolonged hospital ICU stay is boon for the patients.

Physiotherapy at Home

Physiotherapy is a health profession that helps patients recover from a lot of neurological, musculo-skeletal and cardio-pulmonary disorders with the help of exercise therapy , manual therapy and electrotherapy and other advanced treatment modalities. Physiotherapy is essential for recovery of patients after acute or chronic disorders and enabling their return to normalcy. We at Parimal healthcare provides qualified and trained physiotherapists to help you recover, in your comfortable surroundings, at your home.

Physiotherapy is very helpful in knee pain caused by Rheumatoid or Osteoarthritis, Tendinitis, Bursitis etc

Musculo-skeletal physiotherapy can help in Frozen Shoulder, Rotator cuff injury, Trapezitis, Cervical spondylosis, Nerve compression etc
Post Operative Physiotherapy
Physio rehab is required after knee or hip replacement, spine surgeries, fracture fixation, ligament repair etc

Sports physiotherapy is needed in ligament or meniscus injury, ankle or other joint sprain and strain, Tennis or Golfer’s elbow etc.

Neuro Rehabilitation is required in stroke, injuries to brain or peripheral nervous system, parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer disease etc

Physiotherapy can give excellent result in back pain caused by sciatica, mechanical back pain, disc herniation, arthritis etc and one can avoid surgery

Physiotherapy for old age patient is helpful in generalized muscle weakness, joint pain, gait training, cardiopulmonary rehab etc

Helpful for the patient who has ongoing or chronic cardiac or pulmonary disorders such as asthma, COPD, bronchiectasis etc.


Why Parimal Healthcare Physiotherapy at Home ?

  • Our Physiotherapist qualified and experienced.
  • First they visit The patient residence ,see patients condition ,diagnose and explain the prognosis.
  • Punctual with time management and give their best to recover Patient.